Jürgen Galler

Jürgen Galler is the CEO & Co-founder of 1plusX. Due to his remarkable career in international management, Jürgen has earned a solid reputation as an expert in digital business. He spent three years in Japan in IT consulting and then returned to Europe to develop the digital offering of the media conglomerate Bertelsmann.

In 2007 he joined Google, where he led the development of Google Search, Chrome, and YouTube EMEA products. After Google, he became the strategic mind behind Swisscom, Switzerland's leading telecommunications company, for two years.

In 2014 he founded 1plusX, combining experience and passion for digital marketing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Jürgen can talk about how innovation in data science and analytics will lead to a better digital marketing and advertising ecosystem and shed some light on the uncertainty around privacy and the cookieless future.

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